Vov Liquore all'uovo Zabajone confortante Pezziol

Vov Liquore all'uovo Zabajone confortante Pezziol


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Liquore storico, unico nel suo genere, ottimo per tantissime ricette
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the liqueur then called Vov was conceived in 1845 by Gian Battista Pezziol, a pastry chef from Padua specialized in the production of nougat, a food for which only egg whites are used. Pezziol decided to use the remaining yolks, together with Marsala wine, alcohol and sugar, to start the production of a liqueur zabajone, an energy drink very much in vogue at that time [3] also as a tonic. The name derives from the Venetian word vovi, meaning eggs. In 1856 the commercial success of the new liqueur is already remarkable and Pezziol receives a silver medal [of what kind and importance?] For the quality of its drink. The same year Vov is presented at the court of Vienna where the archdukes of Austria, appreciating their good taste, issue a solemn patent with a two-headed eagle. During the Second World War, due to its recognized energizing properties, Vov is supplied to the troops engaged in combat with the name of VAV2, an acronym for Vino Alimento Vigoroso.

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