Pommery Cuvée Louise 2004 Champagne brut

Pommery Cuvée Louise 2004 Champagne Brut Astucciato


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The Couvee Louise Pommery is an absolute masterpiece designed to pay homage to the woman who has won a special place in the history of Champagne! Louise Pommery fact, as it was called, was the first to have the idea to create a different product from the demi-sec that you drank in those days in 1860 ... wanted to create a Champagne that approached more to the taste of the British and designed the first brut of history (Pommery Nature) with a low residual sugar almost devoid of bitterness. Despite the untimely death of her husband in just 39 years, the woman was able to build an empire out of its terrific ideas and win the love of his people. To her the homage of this wine sensational "Louise Pommery Couvee"

Couvèe Louise
Grape variety
65% Chardonnay, 35% Pinot Noir
Aging of wine
Maturation on yeasts for 10 years
Serving temperature
8-10 °C
Great for every moment of maximum pleasure!
0,75 l.
Bright yellow that fades into golden reflections, evidence of exceptional complexity
Very fine and persistent
Floral and fruity notes combined with a sensation of yeast that recalls the biscuit, give this Champagne a truly unique charm
Excellent balance, with hints of almonds and a velvety underlying sensation. Champagne with acidity


It was in 1858 that Madame Pommery, who was widowed, laid the foundations for what would eventually become one of the most important Champagne maisons. A tenacious and ambitious woman, Madame Pommery sets out to conquer national and international markets, distorting the rules of business management without hesitation. It is she who understands the potential of some foreign markets, in particular the English one, and it is always she who lays the foundations for the promotion of a luxury product by adopting a strategy aimed at enhancing its style and image. Deep revolutions that also affect the product, given that, over time, Madame Pommery understands that the taste of the era was changing and that it was necessary to improve the production techniques to improve the quality of the Champagne and gradually reduce its sweetness. Thus was born in 1874 what is considered the first Champagne Brut in history. Coming to more recent times, since 2002 Pommery joins the Vranken group and the president Paul-Francois Vranken continues the work undertaken by the Pommery family, combining the avant-garde spirit with the generosity, tenacity and passion that over the years have made of the products branded Pommery a reference point for all Champagne. Today this maison of Reims buys grapes from vineyards that have an area of ​​about 34,000 hectares, and can boast vineyards of over 250 hectares, where the jobs between the rows - in which mainly chardonnay and pinot noir are grown - are carried out following sustainable work practices. Supervising the winery operations we find Clément Pierlot, who joined the Vranken group in 2004, now completely in control of everything that revolves around the world of Pommery. Today there are several bottles that are born inside the maison, some of which are classically traditional, such as the Brut "Royal" or the "Apanage", others the result of experimentation and innovation, such as the "Pop Earth", Champagne born from use of grapes grown and grown with 100% sustainable methods.

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