Terre di Balbia

Terre di Balbia

The past

The dream of Terre di Balbia comes from a challenge launched on the market in 2001 by two entrepreneurs: Gianni Venica and Silvio Caputo. Gianni Venica, Friulian Doc, owner of the Venica & Venica winery, with wine in his blood for two generations, and Silvio Caputo, a thoroughbred Calabrian, importer of wines in sunny California, with the flavors of the South in his soul and the American dream that lasted seventeen years in the grip, they shook hands in the late nineties betting on Calabria. The first vintage of 2001 saw the birth of the Balbium and the Serramonte, which immediately produced results above all expectations, so as to earn illustrious reviews from critics of the sector.

The present

In 2014, the engineer Giuseppe Chiappetta from Cosenza, together with his brother Nicola and his sons Marco and Luca, took over the company and recalibrated its development. Always passionate about wines, the bruzio engineer decides to take up the challenge, investing his passion to produce a quality wine and focusing mainly on Calabrian native vines, to enhance all their potential. The meeting with Gianfranco Fino, a passionate Salentine winemaker, is decisive, accepting the new challenge by sharing the project and then leading the modernization of the vineyards, suggests the cultivation techniques, follows the construction of the winery, dictates and controls the processes and techniques of vinification.

Other important collaborations:

“Grape preparers” by Marco Simonit & Sirch, a Friulian school famous all over the world for the pruning techniques that ensure the longevity of the vineyards, it takes care of the pruning and training in the field of company employees assigned to winter and spring pruning Worldwide vineyards, a world-renowned company, headquartered in France, specialized in grafting and grafting techniques, has converted the part of the existing non-native vineyard into the Magliocco variety, the most important Calabrese vine in the Cosentino area.

The project

Under the frame of the sky of the best Calabria, the green fields of the "Terre di Balbia" stretch out, in which the precious grapes (magliocco, gaglioppo and merlot) ripen on about eight hectares of land and the olive trees grow, lying in about two hectares , ventilated by the sea breezes that blow from the plain of Sibari and the mountain winds that carry the fresh scents of the Pollino chain. The modernization of existing vineyards and the construction of new plants are aimed at obtaining the best quality of the grapes cultivated with the organic method. The existing spurred cordon training system was transformed to Guyot, while for the new plants the ancient traditional Calabrese form was chosen: the sapling, with high plant density (about 10,000 plants per hectare), unfortunately now in disused but that ensures an even higher quality. The organic production of grapes is guaranteed by exclusively preventive cultivation practices. All the work in the vineyard is done by hand and with the help of two small tracked tractors, just m. 1.10, which limit soil compaction to a minimum. The wines are produced exclusively with grapes grown on the farm. In the cellar the choice of the relative equipment and all the natural processes practiced, are aimed at obtaining a "artisan and quality" wine, in which the presence and the mental and manual energies of man are measurable. Every single detail could be irrelevant, but their summation makes the difference. If enjoying a good glass means sharing and joy, then it is: Fervor, a red wine that recalls an intense and emotional state of mind, like the name it bears, like the passion of those who assisted him with zeal in the vineyard and cared for in the winery, for the most beautiful area in the world from which it is born and that you want to enhance. Ligrezza, a rosé wine that means "joy, joy" like the freshness and joyful fragrance it expresses; crackling like the bonfires of broom that burn as a sign of celebration in our villages on December 8th in honor of the Madonna. Blandus, a red wine whose aromas, aromas and flavors make it "inviting and flattering", like the prestige of its vine which is exalted in this area.





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