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Lacryma Christi Del Vesuvio 2017 Bianco Sorrentino

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Lacryma Christi Del Vesuvio by Sorrentino is a white wine from Campania DOP. The name comes from a legend: Lucifer, driven out of Paradise, in the fall brought with him a piece of it, laid it where the Gulf of Naples is now. The Lord, grieving for having lost such a beautiful part of Paradise, began to cry, and where the tears fell, the vine arose miraculously whose wine was called "LACRYMA CHRISTI". Wine obtained from the white Coda di Volpe grapes locally known as Caprettone

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Data sheet

Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio
Vino bianco
Production area
Production area (municipality)
Boscotrecase (NA)
Grape variety
90% Coda di Volpe, 10% Falanghina
500 meters s.l.
Type of soil
Volcanic - sandy
System of cultivation
Harvest Time
End of September
Yield per hectare
90 q.li
Serving temperature
10 °C
Great matching with fish dishes, white meats and delicate
0,75 l.
Straw yellow
Very intense, complex and consistent. Offers floral signs with prevalence of the broom, fruity with persistant notes of almond
Full-bodied, pleasant and elegant, dry and persistent. Balanced and harmonic thank to equilibrium between the feelings of freshness and softness
Manufacturer: Sorrentino


The Sorrentino Winery; a story of enological passion with unique protagonists: a family with viticulture in DNA, a soil burned by the sun and warmed by the periodic lava flows of Vesuvius, a wine with legendary origins. The novel of Lacryma Christi Sorrentino and other great Vesuvian wines is written by the hands of a generous and impetuous nature, and continued for decades by an enthusiastic and tenacious family who knew how to satisfy a territory rich in precious fruits. From the experience gained in the 800 by the family ancestors, the current owners of the company have inherited the love for the production of Vesuvian wines; Paolo Sorrentino and his son Giuseppe received the same devotion from the past for the land and the family vineyards, and a similar dedication to the magical art of Making Wine. Like a chromosomal heritage, ancient wisdom has been passed down for generations, linking the Sorrentino name to the state of grace of quality Vesuvian wines. For some years now, new exciting chapters have seen the light at the foot of Vesuvius: for the Sorrentine Company the time has come for national prizes and awards, the appreciation of European and overseas markets and the challenge of the most advanced procedures of vinification harvested from the last generation. The admirers of the family wine production, of the Sorrentino jewels, the Lacryma, the Passito and the other great wines, have gone from a small number of admirers of the last century to today's international successes. The vinification methods have adapted to the most modern procedures, but the passion has remained unchanged. In addition to the importance of the sun in the cultivation of the Sorrentine Vineyards, the unmistakable peculiarity of Lacryma and other productions lies in the exceptional nature of the volcanic soil. The Vesuvian volcanic area is the largest in continental Europe for what concerns explosive volcanoes that are still active, even if they are dormant. On this soil dozens and dozens of heterogeneous vines are born and the Sorrentine Company has collected the best fruit of this wide range. The volcanic soil, exceptionally soluble and sandy, is by nature impenetrable to some parasites such as the fearsome phylloxera (a microscopic insect that feeds, sucking from the roots, the essential sap for the survival of the vines). For these benefits, the Sorrentino winery has succeeded in this area in creating a natural reproduction of the vines, without resorting to the grafting of native vines on phylloxera-resistant American plants. In this way, Paolo Sorrentino and his son Giuseppe were able to be innovative and pioneers in respect of traditions, and they have always produced and cultivated wine varieties that are always different and of exceptional quality. The flagship of the company's grounds is Vigna Lapillo, one of the closest possessions to the mouth of the Vesuvius, which produces a cru of inestimable flavor like the exclusive Lacryma Christi "Vigna Lapillo". The geological conformation of the Vesuvian slopes, the unique characteristics of the volcanic soil and the enchanting microclimate make the Sorrentino area one of the most interesting wine areas in Italy, with a viticultural vocation of great tradition and the potential to be fully developed

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