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Jefferson 1871 Amaro Importante Vecchio Magazzino Doganale

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Jefferson 1871 Important bitters from the Old Customs Warehouse is the flagship of Calabria. Born from the original recipe of Mr. Jefferson in 1871, who survived a shipwreck landing on the lands of Calabria and finding shelter in the Old Warehouse Customs decided to create "the best bitter in the world" with the peculiar products that the earth had saved donated. Without added dyes, the precious liqueur presents a totally natural color while the unique and authentic Jefferson flavor like Calabria is embellished with notes of bergamot, Bisignano oranges, Rocca Imperiale PGI lemons, rosemary and oregano, combined with other herbs and spices. Its Mediterranean flavor is appreciable at room temperature as well as at low temperatures. Jefferson Amaro Important won the first place among the liquors of the World's Drink Awards contest.
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Amaro importante Jefferson 1871
Production area
Other Adwards
Best Liqueur ranked at the World's Drink Awards
Serving temperature
Excellent both at room temperature and cold
0,70 l.
Vanilla, bergamot, citrus and spices
Manufacturer: Vecchio Magazzino Doganale

 "This night the sky is full of rain, it does not bode well"

vascello-940x500That night it was raining, the sea was stormy. It was me, Gil, Roger and the great Jefferson, our captain. The ship seemed to abandon us at the mercy of the waves, we talked about our adventures, we could not wait to get to Italy, that fantastic country, to relax and start again for the great continent. A crazy wave or maybe a sea dragon, I do not know if it exists, it hit a deadly blow and my friends and I found ourselves on the bridge. We could not resist that dragon that was fatal, we thought we could not make it. To save ourselves was that old trunk we had on the ship. After a night at sea, Jefferson understood, I do not know how, that we were close to the earth. Gil prayed, I do not know what he said in his desperation ... Of course the desire to live was so great. The last forces seemed to abandon us when suddenly I touched the bottom with my feet, Roger shouted: "We are safe!" lovely beach. They passed I do not know how many hours, maybe one day, before our awakening. We found ourselves in a paradise, Jefferson warned that it would be his eternal place, he said immediately: "I will stay here forever." Walk, like in fairy tales, walk through citrus groves and botanical paths full of aromatic herbs. There we saw an Old Customs Warehouse where we found a family that welcomed us. Giocondo, the owner, took us to work in his warehouse, he was a spice seller and some contraband distillate. That warehouse Jefferson called it, I can never forget it, "La Profumeria". Years passed, I do not know how many, we fell in love with that territory that filled us every day with surprises, without ever losing our passion to drink well. Each of us had the raw material and the knowledge to create our own liqueur. I never succeeded, but they did.

"I will stay here forever".

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