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Castello delle Femmine Pallagrello IGT 2014Terre del Principe

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Scheda tecnica

Castello delle Femmine
Rosso Campano IGT
Vino rosso
Production area
Grape variety
50% Pallagrello nero, 50% Casavecchia
Type of soil
Argilloso e ricco di scheletro
Plant density
3500 ceppi/ha
Type of harvest
Harvest Time
Prima e seconda decade di ottobre
Yield per hectare
90 q.li/ha
Macerazione prolungata e affinamento in barriques di secondo passaggio per circa 8 mesi
Adatto ad accompagnare l'intero pasto di ogni tipo
0,75 l.
Rosso rubino luminoso
Di confettura fresca, con una dominanza di lamponi e mirtilli
La freschezza e una buona struttura alcolica si armonizzano in un giusto equilibrio gustativo
Manufacturer: Terre del Principe


Terre del Principe was born in Campania, among the gentle hills of Castel Campagnano, just over a thousand inhabitants, in the province of Caserta. The territory is a real link between the mountain massifs of Taburno and Matese, the lands are rich in the precious "sandstones of Caiazzo" which give richness to the soil, so much so as to make it one of the most suitable areas for the cultivation of vines and olive. Between the mountains runs the Volturno river that has profoundly marked the history of this territory and that has given water and life for centuries. Castel Campagnano, with its beautiful ducal palace, is separated only by "two gun shots" by the beautiful Caiazzo, dominated by the imposing castle of love given by Alfonso of Aragon to Lucrezia d'Alagno. Very close is the Benedictine basilica of Sant'Angelo in Formis, one of the most important in Italy and the precious historic center of Sant’Agata de ’Goti. A little less than 20 kilometers, instead, separate the company from Caserta, where the Reggia Vanvitelliana rises. Terre del Principe is an hour from the Naples airport, an hour and a half from the ferries to Ischia and Capri and equally from the Amalfi and Sorrento coasts.


Lying on the hills dotted with vineyards of the Valle del Medio Volturno, the Terre del Principe winery is a small treasure chest in which Peppe and Manuela's private and everyday life is measured by the breath of the wines that ferment or rest in the cellar. Like a growing child, the wines are brought day by day to the final moment, the bottle. At the same time, every effort is put into the care of the vineyards, where the grapes that will give the wines of the following season are born and grow harmoniously. To mark the precious times of the cellar there is a dear friend of ours: Professor Luigi Moio. His oenological and scientific expertise, his passion, his great knowledge of Campania and Pallagrello vines and of Casavecchia in particular, make it an indispensable link in our adventure. As we often say, Pallagrello and Casavecchia are like a Pinocchio to whom Peppe has given his heart, Manuela the word and Luigi the intelligence. In the heart of Castel Campagnano is the Terre del Principe winery. Similar to a cathedral in the heart of the earth, at 10 meters of depth, a very old cell of about one hundred square meters takes us back in time. Entirely hand-dug in the tuff, with millions of chisel strokes, it dates back to the 10th century. d.C., the era of the foundation of Castel Campagnano. According to some historians, the winery could be part of the external easements of the Longobard Castle, on whose remains in the 18th century the Ducal Palace was built. The cellar is accessed from a large room of the fifteenth century, with a well and a furnace, once used as a millstone. Today the first floor houses the "modern" cellar with steel tanks and wine-making machines, while the company cellar has been placed underground.


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