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Appleton Estate 21 Jamaica Rum Astucciato

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A sumptuous blend of the best aged rums: Appleton Estate 21 Years is a rum tasting incredibly soft that will delight the palate. Each rum that makes this blend is aged for at least 21 years and carefully selected for its unique character, taste and bouquet sensory which give the final blend

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Product Details

Data sheet

Ron Appleton Estate age 21 years
Rhum - Ron
How drink it
From strictly smooth taste in intimate evenings. For maximum tasting experience it is recommended a glass snifter.
Short description
A selection of the finest of the Appleton Estate rum, aged for a minimum of 21 years
Appleton Estate 21 years: the reference number refers to the years of aging minimum, which is carried out in American oak barrels carefully selected
0,70 l.
A shade tawny copper, the exceptional purity
With delicate notes of citrus, spicy and woody
It also turns out the sweetness of the orange peel, the intensity of vanilla, the richness of nutmeg, the taste of hot coffee and cocoa notes. Long and dry, in which the sweetness of sugar cane does not attack the palate
Manufacturer: Appleton Estate

... A fertile land glorious and hidden in the heart of Jamaica.
All'Appleton Estate believe that the best things in life are often hidden and a bit 'more difficult to grasp. But those who have a real thirst for novelty, is always treasures to discover.
The road to Appleton Estate is inaccessible, the wilderness, lush vegetation, the area tropical hot and muggy. But the real treasures to be sought deeper, the blazing blue limestone source that supplies water, the endless fields of sugar cane, until the lingering scent of molasses fermentation.
And it is our people understand the most of this magic. For over 260 years the earth has grown ingredients and raw materials that we find in every barrel, adding warmth, passion and spirit to every drop of our Jamaican rum.
Appleton summer is the reward for those looking for an authentic experience: a rum alive, intensely flavored, complex and aromatic.

Our History

Appleton Estate is the oldest sugar cane plantation and distillery in Jamaica and produces one of the finest rum in the world since 1749. Going through this wild and lush perceive all the elements that make unforgettable our rum.
Its taste is rich, complex and full-bodied is a multisensory experience that has all its particularity to this very special frame.

Ours is a story of discovery that has lasted more than 265 years, and you can explore the best through the uniqueness of our land, delnostro process and our people.
In every drop of Appleton lies the secret of its history and its exceptionality.

Our land

Since 1749 the Appleton Estate rum come from a plantation of 4,251 hectares hidden between the soft and lush hills dellaNassau Valley, deep in the heart of Jamaica.

The Nassau Valley is part of the famous Cockpit Country, whose natural wonders Appleton Estate to offer a unique terroir in the world, that no one else can boast rum.

This region has in fact ideal conditions for the growth of sugar cane. First, its geographical location: the Estate is located more than 400 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountains 2,000 meters. In addition, a unique micro-climate, with warm, sunny mornings and afternoons characterized by gentle tropical rains. For this reason, this area has been dubbed "Cockpit Country" by British soldiers, who found it in the same humid heat present, in fact, in the cockpit, the small cockpit of the first military aircraft.

This allows the soil to be extremely fertile and rich in nutrients, so in the sugarcane to grow lush.

Our process

The natural ingredients used to produce each barrel of rum ours are all grown and selected directly in the Summer and the quality of each bottle is guaranteed by the strict standards of the Minimum aging, applied to all of our aged rums.

In our production process we use 10 different types of sugarcane, which give different flavor rum, only natural yeast grown and harvested directly in the Summer, and the source of crystalline water naturally filtered by Limestone hills of Cockpit Country.

In the distillation we use two types of stills, according to the production method English. The rum produced through the pot stills contain more flavor and aroma and have a distinctive note of orange peel, characteristic element of Appleton Estate rum. The rum that arise from column stills are less wealthy and are used to balance the taste and aroma more intense than the others. Give the final result a fruity character with hints of banana, coconut and pineapple.

All bottles of Appleton Estate showing of "aging statement" on their labels, are certified according to the method of aging English "Minimum aging", meaning that mixtures of rum that make up the final product have been aged for a minimum number years declared on the label. In particular, our rums are aged in 40-gallon Number One Oak Barrels, American oak casks, previously used for the production of Bourbon Whiskey, which give a stronger connotation of vanilla and rum make it softer and less woody.

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